Battle Foam X-board Fury Display Board

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    The X-Board Fury Travel Display is the official Privateer Press movement solution. The X-Board Fury is an injection molded plastic modular display board designed for tournament and casual gamers. The X-Board Fury easily breaks down to fit in most luggage or Battle Foam bags and makes traveling a breeze. The hard plastic boards allow for multiple display options and the quality black finish makes quick work of painting and basing. The X-Board Fury can be used for tournament displays or just to carry your models from table to table.

    Battle Foam and Privateer Press have designed the X-Board Fury Modular Travel Display to work with the entire range of current and future Warmachine and Hordes models. The X-Board Fury's patent pending design has handles that snap in quickly and easily. The durable injection molded handles and boards come with a Full Life Time Warranty. Gamers can simply primer, paint, and assemble for an amazing looking display that will guarantee a professional appearance.

    Gamers can also use the X-Board Fury with the X-Board Travel Display rail system for those truly epic model counts. Please note that the X-Board Travel Display rails are not included with this purchase. You must purchase the X-Board Travel Display for this rail system.

    The X-Board Fury comes with the following:

    1x Tray A with various size circles
    1x Tray B with various size circles including some for Warmachine or Hordes Battle Engines
    1x Pair of handles to make carrying the boards easy

    The X-Board Fury comes unassembled and unpainted.

    The X-Board Fury dimensions when assembled with handles 18"W x 10.5"L

    X-board Fury dimensions when assembled with optional X-Board Travel Display Rails (sold separately)- 24"W x 18L"

    - $45.99

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