Conquest First Blood SC Rulebook v1.5

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“Conquest: First Blood” is a fast-paced Wargame of thrilling Skirmish battles, set in the world of Conquest and designed to provide to the players the opportunity to experience a different type of Conquest combat – but still play a Conquest battle. After all, an entire war can be decided in a single skirmish…144 page softcover rule book is the same version that is available on our website, with the complete graphics and artistry fans love in a high quality print.

New Army Wide Rules: Building on the new Special Rules, each Army has been updated to include Faction-wide special bonuses that better represent the nature of each Faction and their preferred method of waging war!

Balance Changes: Organized Play is the cornerstone of any thriving Community, as more and more people build their Conquest armies, we are paying close attention to competitive play, balancing the factions and ensuring a fair and enjoyable game for all.

Rule clarifications and updates: As the game develops and its rules get more and more refined, we have gone to great lengths to get feedback from our Community and include it in version 1.5, updating rules and polishing entries!

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