Novel Temple of the Winds

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    Terry Goodkind's bestselling epic fantasy series Sword of Truth continues with book four

    On the red moon will come the firestorm. . .

    Wielding the Sword of Truth, Richard Rahl has battled death itself and come to the defense of the D'Haran people. But now the power-mad Emperor Jagang confronts Richard with a swift and inexorable foe: a mystical plague cutting a deadly swath across the land and slaying thousands of innocent victims.

    To quench the inferno, he must seek remedy in the wind. . .

    To fight it Richard and his beloved Kahlan Amnell will risk everything to uncover the source of the terrible plague-the magic sealed away for three millennia in the Temple of the Winds.

    Lightning will find him on that path. . .

    But when prophecy throws the shadow of betrayal across their mission and threatens to destroy them, Richard must accept the Truth and find a way to pay the price the winds demand. . . or he and his world will perish.

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