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pic BattleLore offers groups of veteran players the opportunity to conduct battles on a grand scale by combining multiple board maps into a single, over-sized battlefield.

This expansion includes an additional BattleLore board map, a punchboard with new Alliance tokens and player turn markers along with more Lore tokens and the Epic BattleLore rules booklet.

Also included are the 4-player Reluctant Allies variant, instruction on using Epic BattleLore in conjunction with Call to Arms and 7 Epic adventure maps, including the all new Lonrono and Road to Najera epics!


  • BattleLore map board
  • 4 player turn markers (large shields, numbered 1 through 4)
  • 36 Alliance tokens
  • 19 Lore tokens
  • 24-page rules book (including 7 scenarios)

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