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    Army of Frogs is for 2-4 players and resembles Hive in that the gameboard is created while you play. The goal of the game is to create one large group of frogs—an army, if you will—through tactical manoeuvring and placement of the pieces, which are hexagonal Bakelite frogs. Each player starts with two randomly drawn frogs, and on a turn a player takes the following three actions to build and shift an island of frogs in the center of the table:

    1. if possible, move a frog of his color that’s on the board to a new location (something that’s obviously skipped on the first turn)
    2. add one of the frogs in his supply to the board, and
    3. draw a new frog from the bag and add it to his supply.


    The first player to link all their frogs (with at least seven in play) wins the game.

    - $34.99

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