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    Your goal in Good Help is to create the best monster that you can, then unleash it on the public – but don't take too long as the first player to have his monster destroy five buildings in town wins. Alternatively, you can set your monster on those of the other players, and if you have the last monster standing, you win.

    To assist you in your goal – and to preserve your reputation in town – you'll hire assistants, then send them out to collect body parts, buy supplies and earn money. Your assistants can confront those of other doctors to try to steal away the gold, supplies or limbs they carry. Each assistant has at least one vice, however, and when moving about town they might be lured away by the prospect of beer, jewelry, dresses or sausage, selling or dropping everything they have to get their fix. Good help is indeed hard to find!

    Designed by Sean Scott Garrity 

    3-6 players
    Ages 12+
    90 Minutes

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