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Now Boarding!
Luggage… check. Round trip plane tickets…check. Carry-on bag… check. Looks like you and your party are ready to head to the airport to catch your flight. The only problem is that getting to your flight gate is easier said than done. You must check your luggage, pass security and grab some food, all the while avoiding getting bogged down by the hustle and bustle of the terminal. Make sure to not leave anyone in your party behind and… don’t miss your plane!

You and your party are at the airport trying to board your plane, but must first check your luggage, pass security and grab some food, all while avoiding getting bogged down by the hustle and bustle of the terminal! Your cards not only allow you to take special actions in order to board your plane more quickly, but they will also allow you to score goals, which are your key to victory.

- Planes cleverly integrates the classic game Mancala with modern game design, for a play experience that feels both familiar and refreshingly innovative at the same time.
- Part of the award-winning Destination Fun series (Trains, Planes and Automobiles). 
- Simple rules makes the game accessible but leads to many interesting tactical decisions. 
- Short play time of 30 minutes for a boardgame means the game will be played frequently and likely be a fan favorite for gaming night.

1 Double-sided airport board
60 Playing cards 
4 Player aids
20 Party cubes (5 ea. of red, blue, green, yellow)
20 Neutral cubes
4 Plane tokens (1 ea. of red, blue, green, yellow)
44 Point of interest tokens (14 of the tokens are blanks)
6 Blockage cones
1 Boarding token

Players: 2-4
Ages: 14 +           
Playing Time: 30 minutes

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