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In Atelier, from 2 to 5 players play the role of painters that are called to create wonderful pieces of art.

On their turn, players have to decide whether to draw 2 cards from the center or play cards on their display. If they decide to play cards, they will have to pay the cost by discarding other cards from hand or using the colors from the palette. The cards played have a double function: on one side they form players' personal palette, on the other side they score points at the end of the game as works of art.

An important feature of the game is that cards must be played in a certain order. First players have to play the white canvas, then the white canvas can be drawn with a "drawing" card, finally the drawing card can be completed placing a painting card on it.

The first player who completes a work becomes the original painter while all the other players who complete the same work subsequently are considered counterfeiters.

The game ends when there are a certain number of finished paintings. Players earn points according to the works created and lose points for the canvases left blank. In addition to the canvas points, players can achieve goals during the game that provide extra points. The player with the most points will be elected the most renowned artist!

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