BG Knoo: Adventure Survival


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Too Busy Playing to Wrap Gifts

I must also say the following, you and your damn Knoo game. I have had to play it with my youngest son (16 yrs old) for the past two nights. I haven’t even started my Christmas wrapping yet and now I’m behind. BTW we both love the game!
Is it possible to get one more game as a Christmas gift?

Totally Fun!

I figured I’d get in touch with you regarding the game. After playing it the first night with my wife and two teenagers, we were able to get the grasp of the rules rather quickly. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, the kids have been asking to play it each evening afterwards, which we have. Long story short, the game has been an absolute hit in our house and I don’t say that lightly with two teenagers. Great work! Let me in know when your Arctic game becomes available and make sure to save one for me! Thanks.

Super fun!

KNOO is a super fun game to play! It’s different every time. You can try different strategies to get your minimum 15 points and get back to the parking lot. The artwork is fun, comical, and beautiful at the same time. Fun for the whole family! I love the “weather or not cards”. They can be total game changers!

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