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    Expansions add a whole new set of cards you can use in conjunction with your base Suddenly Drunk deck. This Expansion introduces a whole new set of rules and games that will introduce some classic Kings Cup rules! Be careful not to play this without the base set or you will probably wont be able to finish the game out of pure shame.

    How Does Suddenly Drunk Work?

    Grab any one of your favorite tune base games and stir in some Suddenly Drunk cards and you’ve got yourself an intoxicating cocktail of fun – literally. Each player, before they make their move in the “normal” game, will draw a Suddenly Drunk card and follow the instructions. In the deck you will find Instant cards (action carried out on the spot) and Anytime cards (save to play at anytime you want).

    These cards can be used with ANY turn base board or card game but works best with popular games such as Cards Against Humanity, Jenga or Uno.

    Spice things with the Sexy Expansion pack. For the well-weathered drinker, try out the Hardcore Expansion pack. Which every deck you choose, we guarantee that any old turn base game will become a new one every time you play.

    Contains 8 special blank cards so you can include your own rules and minigames!

    - $22.99

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