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Casters have long used magic to settle their disputes, often with disastrous effects. Over the years, these duels developed into the codified contest of skill and cunning that we have today: the Duel of Wands.

In Duel of Wands, players are attempting to prove themselves the superior caster, slinging spells at each other to try and remove their opponent’s Psyche and win the duel. Don’t grow too confident in victory; between rounds, the loser will have the opportunity to study and improve their spells!


• Test your skills and cunning in the Duel of Wands!

• Prove yourself as the superior caster by removing your opponent’s Psyche!

• Success will bring new challenges as your opponent grows stronger!

• Contains rules for use with Kids on Brooms Role Playing Game!

• Designed for 2 spell slingers ages 10+ to battle for 30-45 min.


• 2x 11-Card Starting Decks

• 2x Player Aid Cards

• 16x Upgraded Spell Cards

• 7x Unique Spell Cards

• 1x Rulebook


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