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    Spread chaos and destruction throughout Terrinoth with the Warband of Scorn Army Pack expansion for BattleLore Second Edition. Warband of Scorn brings four new types of units to the Uthuk Y’llan army: Barbaric Beserkers and savage Grostesque shred their Daqan opponents in battle; Blood Sisters skilled in dark magic gain health from their enemies’ wounds; and giant, insect-like Doombringers immobilize and devour their prey.

    Twenty-eight figures for the new units are included, along with nine additional Blood Harvester figures and everything necessary for deployment. Army cards give options for complete armies composed of the units included in Warband of Scorn, while a complete lore deck transform the tactical options of all Uthuk Y’llan forces. Scenario cards featuring barricade and blood field terrain tiles introduce new battlefields and tactical challenges.

    Warband of Scorn contains:

    • The first expansion for the Uthuk Y’llan army in BattleLore Second Edition
    • Contains four new unit types, with over thirty figures and everything necessary for deployment
      • 9 Blood Harvesters
      • 12 Berserkers
      • 9 Blood Sisters
      • 6 Grotesques
      • 1 Doombringer
    • Army cards suggest how to integrate the new units into powerful armies
    • New terrain tiles and scenario cards introduce new obstacles, challenges, and battlefields
    • A full deck of Lore cards enhancing the abilities of all Uthuk Y’llan

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