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    Forbidden Sky - Height of Danger is in the "Forbidden Games" Series (with Desert and Island)

    • Soar to dizzying heights in this electrifying adventure! Work as a team to uncover a mystical power platform that floats at the center of a savage lightning storm.  
    • Connect a circuit of cables to launch a secret rocket - all before you are electrocuted or blown off the bridge and plummet below.  
    • It's a high-wire balancing act that will test your team's capacity for courage and cooperation.  One false step and you all could be grounded... permanently! 

    • 37 Cards
    • 36 Tiles
    • 32 Circuit Components
    • 13 Meter Clips
    • 6 Wooden Pawns
    • 1 storm meter
    • 1 Storm meter stand
    • 1 Rocket
    • 1 Starting tile
    • Rules of play 

    - $57.99

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