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Power Outage is a game designed to mimic the qualities of standard adult table top games, but with a focus on playability for younger aged children.

Power Outage itself is set in a parallel Earth environment where a large island found in the Bering Sea has become a hotbed for super heroic activity.  Outage, Alaska which covers the entirety of the Island, is one of the most amazing locals of the world, as well as a thoroughly contested landscape. 

The many districts of Outage form  one of Earths greatest melting pots of Old and New Technology, Magic, Industry, and Agriculture.  Speaking of culture, it is a centrally located fixture which supports all citizens of the world.  Depending on where you  stand in Outage, you could be in a city as a shiny beacon of futuristic hope, or an atomic powered gothic city always shrouded in darkness.

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