Rpg Fantasy World Creator: The Master's Black Book

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    The Master's Black Book is a 150 page dry-erase notebook. 4 dry-erase markers are included (black, red, green and blue).  It provides essential aid to any aspiring game master, or for players who like to see their whole campaign at a glance.

    The sections relating to creatures, characters and maps are also fully illustrated with original artwork.

    Campaign Tools
    Creatures Sheets (18 page bestiary) , NPC Sheets (6 pages), Blank Customizable Maps (16 pages), Fantasy World Maps (30 pages), Fantasy Underground Maps (30 pages), Time Tracking Chart (2 pages), Notes (16 pages)

    Combat Tools
    Encounter Sheets (4 pages), Spell Combat Tracking Sheet (4 pages), Custom Spell Sheet (4 pages)

    Party Tools
    Party Alignment Tracking Chart (2), Party Sheet (4 pages), Party Wagon Sheet (4 pages)

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