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    Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of escaping an “inescapable” room? Are you interested in seeing if you’ve got what it takes to discover hidden clues and follow the tiniest hints to break free before the clock ticks down? Escape Room The Game Virtual Reality is an innovative gaming experience that gives you the engaging feeling of escaping a real-life escape room in your own home thanks to true virtual reality. See if you can surface and open the hatch of the “Submarine” or get rescued from “Behind Enemy Lines” before it’s too late.

    The aim of the game is to find the right code within all three phases of the game. Once you’ve found each code consisting of 4 keys, you’ll enter it into the Chrono Decoder. Along the way you’ll discover clues, stumble upon secrets, and find the answers you need to. Teamwork, creative thinking, and communication are key to escape room success.



    • Contains VR glasses, a hint decoder, 8 hint cards per mystery
    • Has 2 Mysteries for players to navigate (Submarine and Behind Enemy Lines)
    • A truly immersive escape room experience

    - $21.99

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