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    Dragon Punch is a quick two-player card game inspired by video games such as the Street Fighter series, in which the players try to outwit each other with the timing and positioning of their attacks and defenses.

    In each round the goal is to reduce the opponent's health to zero. During each turn, both players choose a "move" card from their hands. Moves might attack, block or evade at a particular location (high or low) and speed. The chosen moves are then simultaneously revealed and compared, usually dealing damage or shifting the initiative.

    The guessing game is never exactly the same; chosen cards may not be used again for a time, taking damage gives players the opportunity to secretly upgrade their moves, and each player also has a unique character card with special moves.

    Dragon Punch was designed to be very portable: It consists of only a few cards, and it also doesn't require a table or other surface to play. This means you can have a quick brawl against a friend almost anywhere!

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