Kg Monstre Toi (english)

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    Did you know your home is full of cunning little monsters whose idea of fun is to niggle you every day?
    Team up with other learner catchers and use your powers of observation and your memory to catch all the monsters hiding in your home without falling into the traps laid by the Monster Chief!

    The game is played in a team, everyone against the monsters, and has three rounds. During each round, the hunters must put at least 9 monsters in a cage in under 5 minutes. A round must be won to become better catcher and go on to the next round.

    Win stripes and new powers to become an illustrious “Monster Frightener”.

    Monstre is an exciting party game for budding monster catchers.
    Its stickers glow so it can be played in the dark!

    - $25.99

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