Rpg My Little Pony: Tails Of Equestria

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    The first stop in your journey into Tails of
    Equestria, a role-playing game set in the world of My Little

    This core rulebook is the first
    book in the Tails of Equestria storytelling, pen-and-paper game where players
    create and roleplay as pony heroes who explore and seek adventure in the various
    lands of Equestria. Guided by a Game Master, players adventure together and use
    the "magic of friendship" to overcome obstacles as they learn more
    about each other and the world around them. Armed with core skills and special
    abilities, each player ventures into the world of Equestria with their pony
    peers, forging deeper friendships as they help one another in the whimsical
    world they create through every action they

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