Bg Last One Standing 2nd Ed

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    In Last One Standing - The Battle Royale Board Game up to 8 players find themselves on an ever-shrinking map where they must move, loot and shoot their way to be the last one standing.

    In the year 2026, a new reality television event has seized international attention called, Last One Standing. Participants from around the world compete for the title of world champion in this ultimate life or death battle. Last years event ended unexpectedly, so this year promises to be even better than ever! The competitors are parachuted onto an island where they will explore, loot, fight and kill for their own survival. Anyone can play, but in the end, only one can remain. Will you be the last one standing?

    If you’re more of a team player, partner up and play the game in duos mode. Whatever the case may be, Last One Standing is your chance to experience the thrill of battle royale around the table.

    Second Edition streamlines the rules, removing variable turn order from weight and instead adding in movement allowance. The Island Events are controlled by the amount of loot picked up instead of the the turn itself, providing more control to the players. In addition many cards were re-balanced.

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