PG 50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead (#1)


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Dustin Richards
Fantastic for those new to the genre!

I played this with my girlfriend a while ago. We have tried escape rooms IRL prior to our strange COVID existence, and we were AWFUL at them. With that, we decided we'd get the first of the series simply as something new to try. It was /such/ a blast that we went and bought the second and third the next day. The system is forgiving in that if you get stuck you may explore hints to help you progress.

The game encourages you to put yourself in the shoes of the antagonist, these RPG elements are refreshing and make the game a little more immersive/spooky.

Disclaimer: This escape-room inspired game requires internet! It's worth mentioning if, by the off-chance, you are hoping to play this whilst camping (or some other similar situation). You will use the cards provided to find/decipher clues, and you will use a website to see if you're on the right track.

This is a WONDERFUL Halloween game! Get it! Get it now!

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