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Hey girl, hey!
Ditch the dudes for the night because this game is For The Girls™! In this adult party game by What Do You Meme?®, picture grown up, hilarious, original spins on sleepover classics. You’ll cry with laughter as you find out which of your friends:

- Dares to prank an ex or reveal their most embarrassing secret
- Has (or has never) participated in an embarrassing fad
- Is the most likely to choose chicken nuggets over sex
- Has the hottest dad
- Or can name the most female rappers in a rapid fire round.

This game is perfect for bachelorette parties, girls night in (or out), sororities and reunions, birthday parties and more. Consider it your pregame essential.

Includes 500 cards and a die.

Adults only: This game is intended for ages 18+ and contains mature language and references. NOT intended for children — trust us on this one.

Ages 18+
3-20 players
30-90 Minutes

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