Conquest Demo Day November 18th

Come on down for a chance to learn Conquest the Last Argument of Kings! A rank and file Tabletop Wargame set in a fantasy universe filled with bio endenized orcs, War driven Dwarves, Medieval Humans and Alien flesh sculptors looking to collect your biomas!

Tables will be available for anyone with a interest to learn the game as well as anyone who would like to see what a Tabletop War game even is! And for those of you who already play the game there will even be tables available for drop in and play games.

All of our Conquest One and Two player starter sets will be 20% off the day of the event for in store purchases only, If we run out of the faction you were looking to pick up talk to our staff the day of the event and we will have it ordered in for you and we will keep that 20% discount when your copy comes in!