Magic: the Gathering State of the Game - A New Dawn Rises

Greetings Planeswalkers!

With the semi-recent news of Wizards of the Coast aiming to revitalize Standard, we here at GameKnight have been taking a look at our Magic: the Gathering organized play events. We will soon be seeing a return of Standard Showdown with the release of Murders at Karlov Manor in February, and additionally, Store Championships will be switched to Standard Constructed events per the Wizards Play Networks' push for Standard.

There's been an uptick in interest in the Standard format from our local player community, with a mix of interest in weekly organized play as well as some interest in the more competitive environment and promos that the Store Championships provide. With that in mind, GameKnight will be looking to start hosting regular weekly Standard events on Mondays, with the first such event being on Monday, November 6th. We want to provide a weekly OP event for players with an interest in the format, as well as for those who want a chance to deck build, brew, and grind weekly events to prepare for the quarterly championships. Details about prizing and such will follow in the next week or two, along with tickets for the events.

Undoubtedly for some of you, you might notice that the Monday time slot will conflict with another event we currently run, that being Pauper Constructed nights. With the increased push for Standard from WotC and WPN, the sun will soon be setting on weekly Pauper play. While it's been a popular format for a dedicated community, we are looking at ending the season for Pauper to make room for Standard. We hope that for those of you who enjoyed Pauper that you will find a new home in our other Organized Play events such as Commander, Draft, or the upcoming Standard nights.

We recognize that there are no preconstructed decks out for Standard right now. Personally, I hope WotC comes through with some new decks for Standard soon, either with the release of Murders of Karlov Manor, or a return of the annual Challenger Deck release that used to happen in the Spring. In the meantime, we'll be running a 20% webstore discount on all Standard legal set singles for the month of November to give folks an opportunity to pick up much needed cards and brew new decks.

We want to grow a healthy Standard community here at GameKnight, so that we can provide a space for people to make friends and have some fun playing this great game that we all love, while nabbing some sick promos along the way. We hope we'll see you there!

-Boregard and the GameKnight TCG Team

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