Crusade Season 2 - Signs ups open!

Greetings, prospective crusaders!

Sign ups are officially open for our new Warhammer 40k Crusade! This season, Vaults of the Azur Ha'Kahn, takes place an embattled Deathwatch bastion world that has stood for millennia against any number of raiding forces. But now, with the vaults below the planet's surface awakening, the defenders have been hit from all sides and landings have been made.

To sign up, please email with the following information

Your Name, Your name in our discord server (if you're not already in the Crusade section), Your Faction, Your Personal Faction Name, and lastly what would your faction want with the mysterious contents of the vault? Are you there to steal it away? To seal the vault once more? Some other scheme I haven't thought of? This information may or may not be important!

Example: Blair Z, Tau, The Silver Wing, Goal: Secure new technology for the Greater Good, and ensure the Vault contains no threat to the Galaxy at large.

All crusade forces start at 1000 points in 10th edition, and 5 Requisition points, so when you're building up your starting force keep that in mind! If you need more info on crusades, cause you're new or just need a refresher, check out our page for it here!

Next week I'll be later this week with the start of our teams, and next week with more information on how things will play out over the first half of the season.

That's all for today. Until later,

Shas'O Blair, out.