Crusade Season 2 - A New Conflict is on the Horizon

For Millenia, the world of RB-1044-AHK, has been guarded by forces of the Imperium. First by the Solar Auxillia, then forces of the Ultramarines, until finally the Deathwatch declared the world a Bastion and took it into their hands. Each guardian has seen raids from xenos or chaos forces trying to breach the mysterious vaults under the planets surface, that until recently none among the adepts of Mars and her sister worlds could open.

However, the vaults have begun to awaken. What writings are available tell of the Azur Ha'Kahn, lying in the center of the sub-surface complex. What it is none are sure. But the opening of the vault has brought attention from all corners to the galaxy, allowing for the first time invading forces to land and gain a foothold. Now the race is on to reach the Vault's core. What ancient secrets will be discovered in the depths?

Sign ups will soon open for the next Warhammer 40k Crusade! More information will roll out in the following few weeks until our hopeful start point towards the end of the month!

We look forward to another season of Crusade with our community. Begin planning your armies, and we'll see you on the battlefields of the 42nd Millennium soon.

-Blair, Crusade Organizer