GameKnight's Warhammer 40,000 Summer Crusade 2024

Summer Crusade 2024: Pariah Nexus

What is Crusade?

Crusade is a narrative format for Warhammer 40k that allows your army to grow in size and skill throughout the battles you fight. Starting with an initial 1000 point force, you'll earn the ability to increase your points limit, add new abilities to units, and see your leaders and heroes grow in prowess and acquire wonderous artefacts to enhance their strength.


Each faction has or will have unique upgrades as codexes are released, so there's always more to look forward to when it comes to enhancing your army.


To help track your progress, we also recommend this handy Crusade roster sheet from Beard Bunker or Administratum by Goonhammer. They handle all the calculations for you and are super helpful for keeping track of your army as it grows.


Starting out, your Crusade force starts at 1000 points, and with 5 Requisition points. What these points can be spent on can be found in the Crusade Rule Book.


Basic Crusade rules can be found on the Warhammer Community site.


We have some small tweaks to the crusade rules to help enhance people's experience.


- When determining upgrades on a table (such as Battle Traits or Weapon Enhancements), you may pick the result you like best instead of rolling if you so choose. This is a change from previous Crusades, and we're testing it out for the Summer season to see if it helps reduce feels-bad moments of getting useless upgrades on things because of bad rolls. It also obviates any cheating on the rolls.


- When rolling for battle scars on a table, for each roll you may roll twice and pick one of the results. If you already have a selection you rolled, you must reroll the die until you get a new selection you could take. If you roll doubles, unless it's a result you already have, you must take that result. Fate has decreed it so.


Pariah Nexus

Running June 1st - to September-ish


Launching with our Summer Crusade Kickoff on June 1st!


Warhammer 40 000 Crusade is another way to play crusade, where the player gets to build and advance a scenario with their army. Through victory and defeats, the player writes the story. Every player who wishes to take part in the crusade will need 1000pts of a Warhammer 40000 army, with the option to expand to allow bigger games, though this isn’t a necessity. This format is very welcoming to new players. Each player will select their faction to be played for the duration of the crusade. Players are allowed to switch factions but the progress made with one faction will not be transferred over the other.


This crusade will last for a little over 3 months and will follow the general guidelines found in the Pariah Nexus campaign book. For the general crusade rules, a document by Games Workshop is available on the Warhammer Community website, found here.


In Pariah Nexus, each player will see their army fighting and chasing over Blackstone Fragments; each of which are powerful artifacts and can be obtained through missions and scenarios. Acquiring those fragments will unlock powerful artifacts to be used by the characters of each faction on the field of battle.


The crusade will be split in four phases. For each of those phases, new events will change the course of the Crusade and new events will happen based on the previous phases and players' results. Each of those phases will last more or less for a month. At any time during the phases the players are encouraged to organize themself with other players in the crusade to get matches. Our Discord server is a great way to get in touch with other players. There is no limit to the number of games a player can play.


The first phase isn’t a direct part of the Crusade; it is named the ‘’Prologue.’’ For the duration of that phase, players are encouraged to take out diverse armies and try out the new scenarios from Pariah Nexus, as well as getting more acquainted with their army for the summer crusade. Units will not gain experience, battle honours or other upgrades for the duration of the Prologue..The gathering of Blackstone Fragments is also be disabled until the official start of the Crusade. 


The goal of the Prologue is for the players to familiarize themselves with their armies and the game system and to not penalize any player for adjusting their army, or even changing their entire faction through the month. Requisition points will still be acquired at the pace of one per battle as normal, and these earned RPs are not lost if you change factions, allowing you to try out whatever armies you might want without . For the Prologue, players will not be part of Alliance, but it will be highly recommended for players to talk with each other and try to find other factions with similar goals, as there will be alliances for the phase 1 to 3. At the start of each phase, the alliance will also benefit from alliance bonus. 


Players are also highly encouraged to provide a background and history for their warbands as such narrative will help forge the storyline for the following crusade. A background can be as simple as answering who, what, when, where and why.