Flesh and Blood - State of the Game 2024

Hello Heroes!

With the release of Heavy Hitters on the horizon, it felt like it was time for a change to our regular weekly Armoury Events. I’ve received a lot of feedback regarding our event structure, and what formats folks want to play at GameKnight. 

With tepid turnouts for Blitz nights especially, this gives us some wiggle room to change to a different format without changing the regular day that we host Armouries. We’ve heard your requests for a regularly scheduled booster draft event, and will begin incorporating it into our regular rotation of weekly events starting in February. Our new rotation for events will be in 4 week chunks, starting with Thursday, February 1st. Here’s our schedule for the next month:

February 1st: Classic Constructed

February 8th: Blitz

February 15th: Classic Constructed

February 22nd: Draft

This pattern will then repeat every 4 weeks, allowing us to have at least one Draft event per month. The booster draft event will be represented by the set logo on our event calendar for the set we will be drafting that night, while non-draft events will continue to use the FAB logo on our calendar.

One unavoidable effect to this change is that a Booster Draft will carry with it a higher entry fee to cover the cost of product for the event. Currently, we charge $5 for entry to a Classic Constructed or Blitz event. A Booster Draft will run each player $15 for entry. While an expected consequence of incorporating the format into our regular rotation, it’s nonetheless worth pointing out.

There was some consideration of dropping Blitz events all together either for more Classic Constructed events or a second Draft per month. I would rather wait and see how our Blitz turnouts go with it moving to once a month instead of bi-weekly before jumping the Teklo Plasma Pistol. Blitz is still a great format for onboarding new players, especially with the continued production of Blitz precons, so I would like to leave a home for the format on our calendar as long as there is continued turnout for it.

I hope that these changes will be well received by the community. I want to be able to work with you folks to ensure that you have the best and most enjoyable Flesh and Blood experience we can offer.

Before I close this out, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support of the game at our store. The turnout for our Heavy Hitters event was great. We had some new players, and it sounded like folks had a lot of fun! I hope we can keep this momentum going so we can grow our weekly Armoury Events.

Take care, and we’ll see you next Thursday!