State of the Game - Magic Standard 2024

Howdy Planeswalkers,

April 8th, 2024 will be the last night for Magic: the Gathering Standard events at GameKnight Games, for the time being.

A number of reasons have influenced this decision. Chiefly among them is that we haven't seen the level of engagement necessary to officially sanction our events regularly. Though we've had many players express interest in the format and have had pushes from members of the community to engage more players, the turnout has been far less stellar. This isn't helped any by the lack of preconstructed product for players to on-board into the format, requiring them to either use the fairly watered down Starter Kit for decks and building from there, or making your own deck which requires a level of knowledge newer players may struggle with.

Those of you familiar with our store might remember we had similar struggles with Pioneer and Modern a couple years ago. It's unfortunate, but 60-card 1v1 competitive formats don't seem to attract many players. We'll be refocusing our efforts on the events that have been incredibly successful, such as our Sunday and Tuesday Commander events and our Friday Night Drafts.

With all that said, we do still plan to support the seasonal/quarterly Store Championship events so that players can still play off for promos and other prizes. These will be Standard for as long as WotC requires Store Championships to be the Standard format.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or upset that this news may cause. If you would like to voice any concerns, provide feedback, or ask questions about this news, we recommend contacting us at to open a dialogue with us.



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