Malifaux - A Tabletop Skirmish Game Where you do not Roll Dice

Malifaux is a 1v1 tabletop Skirmish game where instead of rolling dice you are using playing cards called a Fate Deck. Each player will have their own version of the same deck so if your opponent had some really good cards early on, you can expect the lower value cards to eventually rear their heads while you get a strong final push. Each card also has one of four suits it can be that can give your abilities an extra effect, so you can forgo a higher number card for a lower one if the suit would unlock an additional effect, ranging from pushing an enemy model back from an explosive round to calling in more allies.


Set on an alternate Earth in the 1900's there are 8 factions to choose from when playing the game. There are the gun toting, ale-brewing gremlins living in the Bayou. The twisted and malformed demonic beings known as the Neverborn. The rabble and ne'er-do-wells often hired as mercenaries for their ability to get a job done "no questions asked" called the Outcasts. And the Oriental underbelly working as assassins, kidnappers, and drug smugglers form the crime syndicate known as the Ten Thunders. Each faction has its own bit of diversity, leading to many many different aesthetics — from a Victorian casino owner who wants you to gamble away your own soul for his Dark Master to a big-game hunter chasing down his own escaped prisoners who may or may not get mad if you take his prey from him.


Every one of your crews is lead by a Master that determines what sub faction you are playing. Masters are powerful leaders who tie your crew together and more often then not are the lynchpin of your whole crew, whether they run in and start beating someone's face in themself or stay back and buff up their underlings to take apart those who are foolish enough to stand against you.


Malifaux does not require any rulebooks or army books to play as the rules are a free download on WYRD's website. As well, each box comes with a play card for every model in the box that has all of the unit's stats, abilities, and other relevant information on it. All of the cards are also available online or on Malifaux's play app if any updates or errata do happen, granting you the ability to play the game with only a box or two (numbering 6-10 models), a set of Fate cards, and a tape measure (Oh and an unlucky opponent to play against).