Gift Guide for Trading Card Games this Holiday Season!

Seasons Greetings, everyone!

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, and finding the perfect gift can often times make that feeling even worse. Do you have a member of your family that loves card games, but you're just not sure what to get them? Read on for some quick ideas for stocking stuffers and larger gifts!

Stocking Stuffers

Arguably, these are perhaps the easiest gifts to get for folks, and we've got plenty of suggestions to help you pick out the best gifts to stuff those stockings with.

Booster Packs are always a great, failsafe way to guarantee a smile on that special someone's face. Whether they're into Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or one of several other games we stock, everyone loves the thrill of cracking a fresh booster, and even the player who has everything still enjoys getting a free booster! And if you feel like splurging, there's always Collector Boosters that come with all that bling that players love!

If they're someone who likes new and novel things, might I suggest a new Blitz Deck from the new game Flesh and Blood? At only $15, they provide everything you need to play the game right out of the box. Best of all, if they like the game, it's cheap to get into!

Accessories such as sleeves, dice, and deck boxes also make great additions to a stocking — though, make sure you're getting the right sizes! Unsure what you need? Our staff can help you find out which would be best for your loved ones!


Magic the Gathering Booster Packs

Booster Packs provide you with a quick and easy way to bolster your collection. The number of cards in each pack ranges from product to product, but you can always guarantee a smile on someone's face when they get to crack open a fresh pack!

Price: Starting as low as $5.49

Pokemon Booster Packs

Providing you with 10 new Pokemon cards, these packs are sure to please the pokemon trainer in your household!

Price: Starting as low as $5.49

Flesh and Blood Blitz Decks

From the fresh new trading card game out of New Zealand comes Blitz decks! These 40-card decks are ready to go and provide you the chance to experience the hottest new TCG on the market at an affordable price!

Price: $14.99


These mats provide a clean, non-slip surface to play games on, with amazing artwork to boot! Swag on your opponents with one of the many designs we have in store! They roll up and fit nice and snug in a stocking.

Price: Starting as low as $24.99

Glorious Gifts

Of course, what is Christmas without presents under the tree? If you're looking for something big and fun to surprise your friends and family with, our card staff have the suggestions for you!

We have a selection of preconstructed decks (That is, decks you can buy, open, and play right out of the box!) that are always great additions to your shopping list. Playable using any cards from any previous set, these are stress-free buys!



Magic the Gathering Challenger Decks (Various)

Ready to take your game up a notch? These 60-card deck comes ready to play with a 15-card sideboard, tokens, and a deckbox big enough to fit sleeved cards! With a variety of colours and deck archetypes to choose from, there's a deck out there for you!

Price: Starting as low as $29.99

Pokemon V Battle Decks (Various)

Snatch up these rare pokemon before they're gone! Each V Battle Deck contains a fully playable 60-card deck, a coin, a deck box, and a quick play guide, as well as a premium foil card featuring one of four special pokemon!

Price: $21.99



Magic the Gathering Pioneer Decks (Various)

Pioneer, Magic's newest format, is finally here with some preconstructed decks that you can grab and play! Providing a higher power level than standard Challenger decks, these Pioneer decks are sure to spice up your games at the kitchen table!

Price: $59.99

Magic the Gathering Collectors Booster

Want something with a lil' more bling? Collectors Boosters fit that niche perfectly, offering more foils and more rare cards than any other booster product. The price point may be high, but you always feel like a winner when you open one of these!

Price: $34.99


Magic the Gathering Bundles and Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes are fantastic gifts that not only give your favourite card czar a slew of boosters to open, but a number of accessories to powerup their gaming experience! Commander decks are gifts that are playable right out of the box, while V Tins give the lil' collector in your home something special to open and look forward to.



Magic the Gathering Zendikar Rising Gift Bundle

A special box containing 10 draft boosters from Zendikar Rising, 1 collector booster full of premium foil cards, 20x basic lands, 20x foil basic lands, an alternate art foil card, and a special oversized spindown die!

Price: $69.99

Pokemon Elite Trainer Box (Various)

Pick up an Elite Trainer Box and give the Pokemon Trainer on your list everything they need, including 8 boosters, 65 card sleeves, 45 energy cards, a coin, damage dice, and a rule book to learn how to play the game!

Price: Starting as low as $59.99



Magic the Gathering Commander Decks (Various)

Playable straight out of the box, Commander Decks provide you with everything you need to enjoy Magic's premier multiplayer format! Pick your favourite Legendary creature to lead you into battle using only the colours dictated by your chosen Legendary Creature! The format only allows one copy of each card to be used (outside of Basic Lands), so every match is a vastly different struggle to best your opponents!

Price: Starting as low as $39.99

Pokemon V Strikers Tin (Empoleon V & Tyranitar V)

give the gift of V MAX! This tin comes with 5 booster packs from recent Pokemon sets as well as a special promotional card featuring either Empoleon V or Tyranitar V!

Price: $34.99


Budget Buys

Looking to get some gifts on a budget? Then I'd suggest taking a look at our bugdet-friendly Magic products, from instant collections to land packs! These make for great gifts for someone just getting into the game and looking to expand their collection and deck-building options!




Still unsure what to get? No worries! Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect gift. Come see us in store!