Muster for battle! A Crusade is on the way.

Hello wargamers! We are delighted to announce the beginning of a Warhammer 40k Crusade campaign, hosted through the store! Here's what you need to know, for registry and the narrative surrounding the battles to come.

You an find all this information on our Crusade page here:

Registration will be handled by email. If you are interested, please contact with your name, army faction, and subfaction. Even if your subfaction is something you made yourself, let us know! The fluff of your own legion, swarm, dynasty or what have you is half the fun. If you are in our community Discord, feel free to include your name there as well. 

We will be working under mostly normal crusade rules with a couple small changes. Nothing rules wise, more so for army organization. If you need a refresher, you can find Goonhammer's overview of the rules for upgrades and progression.

What we're changing is:
- Power rating will only be used for your overall roster. This will be the 'shape' of your army and squads (i.e. how many models in the squad) but when creating your list you will use Points for your units and wargear. We have found Power to be less balanced for army building, so using a hybrid method like that should make list building better.
- When rolling for your upgrades, we'll allow rolling two dice and picking one between the two. This allows for some level of choice and not being stuck with an upgrade you don't necessarily want, but also not simply always getting the best upgrade every time. Keep in mind, doubles are doubles and that will be your only option. In the case of doubles of a result you can't take again, you will be able to reroll as required by the rules.

What's the story? Where are we fighting?

War has come to the Golanthus Reach. Rumor of long lost resource rich worlds, has drawn the eye of armies from across the galaxy, the prize a tantalizing lure. As the forces massed, alliances were drawn. All knew that none could hope to prevail alone, and splitting the territory among uneasy allies would be better than grinding themselves alone against countless foes. Will your alliance claim victory? How will your heroes rise to the occasion? Tell your tale in this grand campaign!

We will be fighting in two week cycles, at which point the campaign map will update with the conquests. You'll be able to contribute to the designated warzones and help your side claim territory. Results of matches are to be submitted to, and we'd love to have you include any fun highlights from your games for us to share in the bi-weekly update. The only prize is bragging rights and fun so we ask that everyone be honest with their reporting.