Thoughts of a first time Wargamer
Wargaming is scary. Or so I thought at first. Walking down the aisles and seeing countless boxes for different games knowing that each box has its own stats and abilities. It is terrifying! Honestly, I can say I've never been more excited to be terrified.

I have never in my life tried playing a wargame, but over the last few months I have finally started to get a taste of it. Parabellum's Conquest has given me everything I needed to get a feel for it, without feeling like there are a million different options to drown myself in.

Hands down, I have to say that wargaming is fun as a game. But more than that, it cannot be understated that is is a hobby, as well as a game. One of my biggest struggles, besides an empty wallet, is just finding the time to build and paint. Playing wargames is not something that takes a lot of time commitment, but preparing for those same games is where it really becomes a hobby. It really is true, though, that playing the game is only a fraction of the hobby.

When it comes to starting into a wargame, I can say that the community will make or break the experience. I can only recommend finding a group you get along with, or starting the entire hobby together with a group of brand new players. First and foremost, wargaming is still a game, and having fun should be the priority.
Even without a playgroup I can still say that wargaming is fun. Building, painting, and basing models is something that does take a lot of time. There is almost no rules when it comes to what your army looks like. You are the one and only authority on what is right or wrong. You can spend as much time as you like painting, or you can choose not to paint at all. After building everything, there are no limits to the rest of the hobby. Painting is something that I, personally, find to be very relaxing. I get a sense of pride showing up for a game and displaying everything I put in work for over the previous week or two.

I can say for sure, with wargaming, there is no minimum. You can get yourself started with a single model and stop there. Or you could buy three armies and keep going. There is no minimum and no limit to how deep you want to go. It is a hobby by your own lead, and nobody can tell you the right or wrong way to go.