State of the Crusade - Season 1 Midpoint

Greetings wargamers!


Our Warhammer 40k Crusade has been raging for about a month and a half, and much has happened. We now have nine crusade forces across our two teams, growing in strength and experience. Many battles have been fought now between both sides, full of crushing defeats and glorious down to the wire victories.


As it stands the Warhosts comprise of:

Warhost Argona                                 Warhost Ellidus

Blair - Silver Wing Tau cadre             Swinn - Salamanders

Thomas - Custodes                            Ben - [UNKNOWN] Hive Fleet Kraken Tyranids

Matthew - Thousand Sons                Kyle G - The Unbroken Space Marine chapter

Mike - Blood Angels                            Kyle - Martian Adeptus Mechanicus

                                                               Darryl - Thousand Sons


Lets share some of the war stories between these warring forces.


The First Strike

The opening battle of the Crusade saw the Tau of the Silver Wing cadre engaged by a force of Salamanders seeking to strike a blow against their leadership. Tau forces quickly eliminated the Primaris Ancient accompanying the commanding Chaplain from the field, but this only seemed to drive the Astartes to fight harder. The Tau were driven from the field, retrieving their commander, Brightlance, in their retreat. The first victory went to Warhost Ellidus.


Training Op Gone Wrong

Following their loss to the Salamanders, Commander Brightlance sought insight into Imperial methods of warfare. Calling upon his tenuous allies in the Custodes and Thousand Sons, the three forces engaged in a training operation together. The Custodes sought to teach a swift lesson to their opponents in this mission, wiping the Tau and Thousand Sons from the field swiftly and teaching them a valuable lesson.


A Telling Blow

Fresh off their 'training' with their own forces, the Custodes of Argona took to the field against the Salamanders. Using the same rapid tactics, perfected in combat against their allies, the Custodes routed the Salamanders completely and seized the day for their Warhost.


Brought to Heel

The thus far unopposed might of the Custodes would soon run against a new bulwark. Having been encountered only once by their allies thus far, the Shield Captain sought the illusive foe. They located the Tyranids on Moxnarri, attempting to penetrate and ancient vat of some unknown biomatter, and quickly brought the swarm to battle in an effort to deny them their prize. This battle would not go as the norm thus far for the Host. The battle was a long grind, blades of metal and bone clashing against golden armour and chitinous plates. But ultimately the Custodes found victory and drove the Tyranids from the world.


The current state of our warzone, the Golanthus Reach, is thus

Yet more battles have been fought than these. If you're interested in the Crusade and wish to join you can find more information, as well as how to sign up, check out our page here.