GameKnight Crusade Campaigns

Narrative Crusades have come to GameKnight! We are organizing and hosting Crusades here at the store, and we'd love to have you and your army fighting it out.


Sign ups for each campaign are handled through When registering please submit your name, faction, and subfaction for your army. Home brewed Space Marine Chapters, Tyranid Swarms, Necron Dynasties or whatever applies are more than welcome and half the fun! We want to see the story of your army grow through your games. If you are in our community Discord (Link provided here), feel free to include your name there as well when emailing us to sign up. 

 What is Crusade?

Crusade is a narrative format for Warhammer 40k where you will assemble a fighting force that will, through your games with them, grow stronger, acquire upgrades, battle scars, and build themselves a story. You can find the full rules for Crusades in the Core Rule Book starting from page 112-113. Full details on how to build your roster, upgrades, agendas, and more can be found from that point.


We follow standard crusade rules for the most part, with a couple small tweaks when it comes to army organization. If you need a refresher on how crusade works we recommend checking out Goonhammer's overview of the rules and upgrades. Faction specific upgrades can of course be found in your codex. If you have special crusade rules (See: Tyranids, Tau, Necrons) follow them as you go, they won't affect the campaign beyond the growth and development of your crusade force.


We also recommend this handy Crusade roster sheet from Beard Bunker or Administratum by Goonhammer. They handle all the calculations for you and are super helpful for keeping track of your army as it grows.


What we're changing is:
- Power rating will only be used for your overall roster. This will be the 'shape' of your army and squads (i.e. how many models in the squad) but when creating your list you will use Points for your units and wargear. We have found Power to be less balanced for army building, so using a hybrid method like that should make list building better.
- When rolling for your upgrades, we'll allow rolling two dice and picking one between the two. This allows for some level of choice and not being stuck with an upgrade you don't necessarily want, but also not simply always getting the best upgrade every time. Keep in mind, doubles are doubles and that will be your only option. In the case of doubles of a result you can't take again, you will be able to reroll as required by the rules.
- A new catch up mechanic. When determining who gets the Crusade Point CP bonus, for every 5 Crusade Points difference there is in the armies, the player with the lower total will get an additional experience point on each of their units deployed for the mission. As an example, if there is a 16 Crusade Point difference, your units participating in the mission would earn 3 additional experience on top of the normal experience they would be able to earn. You still get your marked for greatness as well! 

Late to the Fighting Bonus:

For new Crusade Forces joining us we have a little bonus to help you get your army fighting at the higher sizes our veteran forces are rumbling at. If you are starting a new force in Season 2 onward you will receive:

- 25 extra starting supply in Power
- 5 Additional Requisition points, putting you at 10. You cannot earn more, however, until you drop below 5 so spend it to get your army off the ground.

We have also added some unique Requisitions. They are currently found in our Discord server, but if you need them sent to you simply email us at

How will it work?

Players will be split into teams according to our current campaign. Matches will go towards conquering territory on the campaign map. The team that contributes the most to the territory will seize it for their side. Battle cycles are two weeks long, at which point the map will change and new war zones will be designated.


Upper points limit for games will increase over time, but if your force cannot meet the upper limit feel free to discuss with your opponent about playing a lower point game. There is no lower limit, only an upper cap. We don't want people left out because their force hasn't been able to grow as much.


Once your match is complete, please send us the results, as well as any cool moments you might like highlighted, to so it can be recorded for the next update! You can play matches against your own team, it simply won't contribute to the planet capturing part of the Crusade.


While we are not asking to send all the updates for your army roster. However notable upgrades or narrative moments in your battles make for great story telling and we can include those in the bi-weekly update to help share your story!


Matchmaking can be easily organized through our Discord, but any other means will do.


Once the season is done the winning team will be declared, and we'll start gearing up for the next campaign.


We ask for honesty and fair play. The only prize here is bragging rights and good fun. If you have questions, feedback or need a ruling on something feel free to email us through or ask it in the community Discord.

The Current Campaign
The War for the Golanthus Reach
Season 1: First Strikes

War has come to the Golanthus Reach. Rumor of long lost resource rich worlds, has drawn the eye of armies from across the galaxy, the prize a tantalizing lure. As the forces massed, alliances were drawn. All knew that none could hope to prevail alone, and splitting the territory among uneasy allies would be better than grinding themselves down against countless foes. Will your alliance claim victory? How will your heroes rise to the occasion? Tell your tale in this grand campaign!

 Victory goes to Warhost Argona, Claiming 9 of the 11 core planets of the Golanthus Reach. 

Season 2: Siege of Gaitolox

Having gained the upper hand in the opening stages of the war, the forces of Warhost Argona have taken control of the crown world of Gaitolox, political and economic center of the Reach. But their rivals in Warhost Ellidus are determined to see them lose this control. They have forced back Argona's fleets and begun laying siege to the world in an effort to wrest control of it.

Season 2 will run January 27th through late June



Player Roster

Name - Army, Faction


Team 1 - Warhost Argona

Mike - Blood Angels, Space Marines 

Blair - Silver Wing, Tau (Farsight Enclaves)

Thomas - Shadowkeepers, Custodes

Keith M - The Purge, Chaos Space Marines (Alpha Legion)


Team 2 - Warhost Ellidus

Liam - Salamanders, Space Marines

Darryl - Thousand Sons, Chaos Space Marines

Kyle - Order of the Bloody Rose, Adeptus Sororitas

Kyle G - The Unbroken, Space Marines

Colin - Blood Remnants (Blood Angels)


Unaligned Forces

Ben - [REDACTED] Kraken Splinter Fleet, Tyranids