State of the Game - March 25th, 2022

Happy Friday, everyone!

GameKnight's staff and crew are beginning its relaunch of in-store gaming. It won't be an immediate thing, but instead will occur in phases. We don't have all of the details yet, so if you have questions, we ask that you please be patient and bear with us while we get back in the swing of things.

Here's our current gameplan for reopening phases:

Phase One (early April): Operating hours remain the same, gaming tables reopen for daytime weekday open gaming. Host special events on Saturdays.

Phase Two (late April): Extend hours on Friday and Saturday, relaunch Friday evening gaming events, continue developing Saturday special events.

Phase Three (unknown): Extend hours on Mondays through Thursdays. Add first batch of weekday evening events to gaming schedule.

Phase Four (unknown): Continue adding weekly events to gaming schedule until ideal scheduling density is reached.

COVID restrictions: For any and all gaming on our tables, masks must be worn at all times, no exceptions. Proof of vaccination must be presented at time of arrival. 

These restrictions will remain until we deem otherwise. We recognize that eventually, we will loosen these restrictions, but do not know when that will happen. We ask for your respect, understanding and patience in this matter.

Thank you everyone! We're super excited to be gaming again!

GameKnight Management