March 8th, 2022: Our First Events

Over the coming few weeks, GameKnight will be starting to run a small number of special events with the goal of getting our staff and community back in the groove of in-store gaming. These events will be one-off, invite-only events with limited capacity.

We understand everyone is eager to get back to gaming, and so are we. But we also recognize that we haven't run anything for two years, and might be a bit rusty, so we're going to start slow. 

After we run a few of these one-off events, we'll look at starting to add one or more weekly events to our calendar. Then we'll add more, and more and more, until we're back to a reasonably full schedule.

This does mean that not every gaming community will immediately get a weekly event slot, and some weekly events that we held before the pandemic might not return in the same structure, or at all. We're going to do our best to fit everyone in, but after two years of adjustment during the pandemic, we do have a smaller gaming space than the beforetimes, and that means some things will look different for gaming, too.

We appreciate your patience during this time while we get back to gaming.