Root-A Woodland Game of Might and Yelling at Friends!

It's one of the most well loved games in the board game community and for good reason. I've played the game many times, though I've never won I've never had more fun playing a board game!

Root is an asymmetrical strategic board game about taking control of the woodland. Each player plays as a different faction from the current rulers of the woods, the Marquise de Cat, to the bickering former rulers, the Eyrie. Or play as the underground Alliance, tired of being ruled over. Or play all sides of the conflict and become the great hero of the woods with the Vagabond.

Each faction plays the game completely differently, the Marquise builds an engine to continually print out troops and establish dominance. The Eyrie sets up and continually expanding series of actions to do, and hopefully can keep them going every turn. The Alliance creates spots of rebellion that can spring up and destroy the buildings of the powers that be! The Vagabond is the most wild of all the factions, bouncing between helping other factions and causing them to collapse, ever trying to become the hero of the woodlands!

Root can look massive when it is first opened and placed out on the board, and can be even more daunting when looking at each faction and how they play but, all you have to worry about is how your faction plays and getting to 30 victory points first. How you get those points might be slightly different than your friends but each of you is still working towards the same goal!

I'm not gonna hide it or pretend to be a real review writer, I love this game and would, have, and will continue to recommend it to people. So if this interests you at all please come down and get a copy, or come and try our rental version!

And if you are like me and love the game, don't worry there are lots of expansions!


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