Sit Down, Grab a Snack Appropriate to Your Factions Culture and Get Ready- A Scythe Review

To start this review it is important to note one big factor about Scythe, it is a big complex game that will eat your entire night. This can be a deterrent for some or a upside for others but, it is definitely something you should know going in.

Now that the disclaimer is over, I'm not gonna hide it, I love this game. I'd play it every week if my friends and I could make it and happen.

In Scythe you play as one of 5 different factions (one of 7 if you have the Invaders from Afar Expansion) each based loosely on real world cultures from the early 1900's. These world powers have come to eastern Europe to fight over Nikola Tesla's factory and the resources in the region. 

In Scythe each player is given two player boards, one is their faction board, a set of abilities and mechs they gain access to. Yes, I did say mechs, did not mention them before?

The second board players are given is called their action board. This is a board that each player is given randomly each game. Meaning that every game you might have a slightly different set of actions to do. All players can do the same things, but different boards pair different actions together, this is where the replay ability comes in.

On each player's turn they choose one of their pairs of actions and pay any costs to do so and then gain the benefits from their choice. No action in Scythe is ever harmful to yourself but, there is very often the right action to take each turn, and figuring that out is the puzzle that keeps the game moving.

To win the game, one player must complete 6 victory conditions. These victory conditions don't all have to be the same for each player. There are a total of 10 different options for players to work towards so its very unlikely any two games will end the same.

I could ramble on about how much I like this game but I think I can end it best with something one of my friends said about it "I can't remember how to play this game but, I remember it we had a great time."\


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