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Number of Players: 1-5
Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

Set in Mantic’s Warpath Universe, Star Saga is a science fiction dungeon crawler for 1-5 players, with optional rules for solo play and co-operative play.

In multiplayer, one player becomes the Nexus Player, who is responsible for controlling the actions of the minions and bosses in the dungeon, all represented by coloured plastic 28mm miniatures. While up to four other players take on the role of mercenaries, again represented by detailed 28mm miniatures.

The mercenaries are controlled alternately and move around a grid-based sci-fi dungeon complete with computer terminals, narrow corridors and storage lockers to search for new equipment, which can then be used to upgrade the characters' abilities.

Combat features an opposed dice roll between the Nexus Player and the Mercenaries using custom dice. The game features a number of different story-led scenarios detailing the exploits of the mercenaries as they venture deeper into the dungeon.

  • Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler.
  • No assembly required.
  • 12 narrative missions.
  • Rules are based on Dungeon Saga.
  • More focus on sci-fi, e.g. shooting.
  • Improved RPG elements for more immersive gameplay.
  • Solo/Co-op play, Campaigns, and Experience rules included in the box.
  • Expandable and replay-able with any miniatures from the Warpath and Deadzone ranges.

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